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Once the object is selected, you must:

  1. Conclude a preliminary contract and make a deposit to remove the object from the sale and its reservation for the time required to prepare all the necessary documents for the transaction by our lawyers.
  2. To receive the tax identification number of non-resident in the local police-NIE. It is necessary to open an account in a Spanish bank and to follow the procedure of acquiring a property.
  3. To open a personal account in a Spanish bank from which all payments related to the procedure of purchase of the real estate object will be made and payment of expenses related to its subsequent exploitation.

Documents required to open an account.

  • NIE
  • Original of the passport
  • Certificate from the place of work, indicating the position, seniority and monthly salary
  • In case of necessity – preparation of documents for registration of mortgage credit and signing of mortgage loan agreement. This will require an extract from the credit history of the individual-the real estate buyer and an extract from his bank account for the last 3 months.
  • Signing the contract of sale in the presence of a notary and representative of the seller with simultaneous payment of all necessary taxes and fees. From this moment you become the owner of the property and have the right to issue an annual multiple-entry Schengen visa for property owners, and when you buy more than 500,000 euros-a residence permit for investors.
  • Registration of the sale contract in the property register. The registered contract is issued to you (or forwarded to the Bank in case you purchase real estate in the mortgage) in 1-1.5 months after signing.

At all stages of the transaction you will be accompanied employees of our company.