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Citizens of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries wishing to buy real estate in Europe in 2017-2018. Spain ranks first in popularity. There are several reasons: high standards of life and stable developing economy of the country – for 2017 GDP growth in Spain amounted to 3.5%; Tourist boom and growing consumer demand, including real estate; Growth of long-term and short term rental rates and receipt of stable income from 7 to 9% after payment of all taxes; Growth of the real estate market. The increase in the value of the square meter in 2017 averaged 6.7%, and in the 2019 year-9%. At the same time, the number of real estate sales in 2017 increased by 16.7% compared to 2016; Advantageous mortgage lending – foreign clients enjoy the same rights as Spanish citizens; A wide range of new buildings and secondary real estate, high quality construction and affordable prices. The cost of Spanish real estate is affected by factors such as the region, proximity to the sea, the development of infrastructure, year of construction, area and landscaping.