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At the end of 2013, the Spanish Parliament adopted a special law, according to which Russian, Ukrainian and other foreigners from countries outside the EU had the opportunity to issue a RESIDENCE permit in Spain under a simplified procedure. Literally for one month. This requires an impressive amount of investment in the Spanish economy.

For example, you can get a residence permit in Spain when buying a property worth at least 500 thousand euros. In this case, the investment object is allowed to distribute to several sources. Suppose you buy an industrial building and a house on the seashore.

In addition to real estate, the following types of investments are provided:

Purchase of Spanish government bonds (2 million euros); Purchase of shares of private companies in Spain (EUR 1 million); Depositing funds into the deposit account of a Spanish financial institution (EUR 1 million).

Holders of the “golden visa” for the extension of RESIDENCE permit do not need to permanently or as in other cases at least 6 months a year to stay in Spanish territory. Enough disposable visit during the year.

Residence permit documents in Spain

Within a month after arriving in Spain, the foreigner must apply to the local immigration office (Oficina de Extranjeros) or the police station with the application for a residence permit.

The list of applied documents may differ depending on the circumstances. Local officials will consult and identify specific requirements. In most cases, the list of documents for RESIDENCE permit in Spain consists of the following groups.

Main Documentation:

-Application form and three copies.

-Three color photos.

-Valid passport and copies of all pages.

-Information on the availability of a place to live in Spain (contract of sale, rent).

-Receipt of payment for services.

Additional Documentation:

-Certificate of absence of criminal record.

-Medical certificate, excluding the presence of serious diseases.

-Proof of health insurance in Spain.

-Confirmation of financial security.

-Information on enrolment in the Spanish educational institution (for students).

-Availability of diplomas or certificates confirming qualification (if required).

-A copy of the employment contract or business permit for self-employed persons (if required).

Documents must be translated into Spanish. The period of registration of a residence permit card (Tarjeta de Residencia) in Spain fluctuates within 3-4 months. Initially, the document is issued for one year, with the right of subsequent extension to 5 years, after which it is possible to make a PERMANENT residence, and then the citizenship of Spain.